25,00 лв. 7,00 лв.

Overpriced product because of minor imperfection on the box due to transportation

  • Brand: Libra Passion, Bulgaria
  • Some boxes of the Rose Petals Blusher got minor harm and imperfections due to the overseas shipping. The imperfection of the box is barely noticeable (slight bends), and the delicate rose leaves are not damaged at all. But since the boxes are damaged, we have decided to offer them at a 70% reduced price. We value the resources and labor put into this product, so we do our best to avoid any waste. That said, we would be delighted if you would support us in this mission.


  • You can still keep the petals in the box as the imperfections are minor and do not affect the quality of the product. 
  • Limited quantity! Promotion valid while supplies last! 
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