Brand Story

Brand Story
17 May 2020


Libra Passion Beauty Box is a small online boutique for products made for our brand. The brand name is inspired by Libra, the zodiac sign which embodies the beauty, harmony and balance in life, and "Passion" is what turned a dream into a real business.
We are still at the beginning of our journey, and we only have the Rose Petals Blusher Face Countour and Highlighter, our beautiful product created with so much love and dedication. Our dream is for this product to set the beginning of a limited make-up line with a unique design. 
We try to be creative and responsible to our surroundings by regularly posting interesting and valuable information on our blog. We support sustainable fashion, responsible consumer choices and try to inspire our audience by telling positive and inspiring stories.   
Our mission is to help you feel unique and bring extra joy, beauty and a sense of happiness to your everyday life!  
Vera Zaharieva 
Founder of Libra Passion