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Shipping, Return and Replacement

Orders made in Libra Passion Beauty Box can be placed in two ways: either by adding the product to the cart or by using a quick order by phone.


The quick order allows you to indicate your wish to purchase a product only by entering your phone number.


The function is applied in a special box on the page of the specific product where you can leave your phone number. When you click the Order button, the system sends us an email alert and we'll contact you to specify the details of the delivery.


Please double-check the correctness of your contact information!


After you make an order, you will also receive a confirmation by email that you provided when you fill in your order details. Please check your email spam folder if you have not received a notification in your inbox!


If there are multiple items in the order and you want to return one of them, you have to pay the amount for the entire order first, and by a separate consignment, to return the item you don't want. We'll recover the amount for the returned item. If you give up the whole purchase, you will be charged the return shipping fee.


If the ordered product is not available, you shall be informed by telephone or email which you have provided.


Delivery of orders from the ONLINE STORE is operated by Speedy. Fulfilment shall be executed within 2-5 working days.


The price of the delivery shall be charged to the total amount of the order and shall be paid in total.

Standard delivery of consignments of a weight not exceeding 1 kg. costs 3.50 BGN to Speedy's office and 4.50 BGN to address. Those prices are approximate. They concern deliveries within the territory of Bulgaria that do not fall under the conditions to be free of charge.

If the order has a value of more than 50.00 BGN the delivery is FREE.


All orders received on Friday after 17.00h, during public holidays, Saturday or Sunday shall be processed on the first working day thereafter.


Working time:

Orders made on weekdays shall be fulfiled from 2 to 5 working days.
Orders made on Friday (after 17:00h.), Saturday, Sunday and holiday days shall be fulfiled within two working days thereafter.


If the purchased product doesn't meet your expectations, you can always return or replace it, but first of all, you have to let us know about it. The notification shall be made by using the contact form available on our website: Contact us


The return of a product should be processed by Speedy within 14 days from the date of delivery.


Please note that the transportation costs for the return of the product shall be covered by you and that the products should be returned only to the address specified by us, and not to the office of the courier company.


The return procedure shall be as follows:


Please use the Contact form of the website to inform us of the refusal within the deadline set for return, and kindly communicate the following data:

- Order number

- Date of receipt of the product

- Customer Names

- Contact phone

- Type and number of the payment document (receipt )

- If you wish so, you may indicate a reason for your return


After the data is sent, a representative from the store will contact you.


Important: Please contact us before sending the product back!


After confirmation from our end, send the product, together with the documents received with it, to the address specified by us:


If you paid the product with a postal money transfer (i.e. at the time of receipt from the courier, we'll get you the money back in this way within 7 (seven) working days of his return.


If you've paid by card, you'll get your money back through a transfer to the same bank/Paypal account.


If the product has a factory defect, it shall be replaced free of charge by us, as proven in the presence of the courier or the courier's office.


If the product does not correspond to the expected size or does not meet your expectations, the cost of the initial delivery and the cost of return shall be covered by you.


The consumer shall be responsible for the reduced value of the products caused by their testing.


Returned products must meet the following mandatory conditions:


  • They shall be in their original packaging and not damaged in terms of their commercial appearance (broken packaging, removed labels, missing parts, etc.).
  • Not used!
  • To be accompanied by all documents for the delivery, including a receipt or invoice, instructions for use, guarantee card, etc.


The exercise of the right of return through another courier company or by other means than the instructions above WILL NOT BE APPLIED.


Queries are processed within 7 (seven) working days.